Our Mission Statement

To unite the Filipino students within the Rutgers community by establishing solidarity on the basis of a common heritage, to educate the Rutgers community on various aspects of the Philippine culture, to provide information of current socioeconomic and political conditions about the Philippines, and to provide services and programs that will be beneficial to Filipinos both within and outside the Rutgers community.

  • Culture

    Learn and experience your routes.

  • Family

    Create long-lasting friendships.

  • Future

    Build and expand your personal network.



Executive Board - Fall 2017

  • President

    Jashlie Melgar, President

  • Vice President

    Fritz Ramirez, Vice President

  • Secretary

    Corinne Esteban, Secretary

  • Treasurer

    Adiel Brito, Treasurer

  • Internal Public Relations Officer

    Jessica Bui, Internal P.R.

  • External Public Relations Officer

    Josh de Castro, External

  • Community Chair

    Louie Logronio, Community Chair

  • Event Coordinator

    Lizelle Policarpio, Event Coord

  • Event Coordinator

    Andrea Dumalagan, Event Coord

  • Alumni Coordinator

    Ivan Opina, Alumni

  • Webmaster

    Christian Remolado, Webmaster

  • Balita Editor

    Alyssa Brioso, Balita

  • Media Crew Coordinator

    Timmy Li, Media Crew

  • Graphics Coordinator

    Nico Lagrana, Graphics Coord

  • RAGS Coordinator

    Justin Arcilla, RAGS

  • RAGS Coordinator

    Sorina Fernandez, RAGS Coord

  • RCDT Coordinator

    Fatima Farhat, RCDT

  • RCDT Coordinator

    Jennifer Ignacio, RCDT Coord

  • RDT Coordinator

    Sam Javier, RDT Coord

Underclassmen Representatives

Lizelle Policarpio, Dilean Frani, Josh De Castro, Alyssa Brioso, Jennifer Ignacio

Photo Album

Brought to you by the Media Crew

2015-2016 Most recent to old.


Special Interest and Talent Groups

RAPS caters to many different interests that our members have through subgroups, which can be found below. If you are interested in any of the subgroups, please feel free to approach the members of the executive board. Click on each subgroup for further details.


The Newspaper Crew

The Balita is the Rutgers Association of Philippine Students’ official newsletter. It serves as a medium of communication between our organization and or members. We feature articles written by our very own members, current events, news, features, pictures, as well as upcoming events. We invite all of our interested members to send their submissions to be featured in the future publications of the Balita.


Our Modern Dance Troupe

RAPS Dance Troupe, better known as RDT, is a collegiate dance troupe affiliated with Rutgers Association of Philippine Students. RDT is a group of committed and driven dancers who strive to inspire and grow in the art of dance. Dancers, movers, and music-enthusiasts of all different ethnic backgrounds, colleges, and ages come together unexpectedly. This family of dancers works hard to grow and promote the art of dance and entertain audiences in varying arenas. From shows for different RU organizations to urban dance competitions and even retail promotions, RDT pushes itself to take on new challenges. RDT offers extensive and challenging dance training for its members as well as lessons applicable to other areas of life. Amped and motivated with a few placements under their belt, RDT hopes to present entertaining sets in the upcoming competition season throughout Boston, NY, and NJ

Media Crew

Photography and Video

RAPS Media Crew captures any type of footage at any RAPS affiliated event. Members vary from photographers to videographers. One does not need to own equipment in order to become involved, but it is a plus if you do have a camera of some sort. Anyone with interest and knowledge of photography and videography is encouraged to join me! Let’s create memories and capture the moments through the lens of the camera.


RAPS Acoustic Group of Singers (RAGS) was made so that people who love to sing or play instruments can jam out together and create something special. We perform most of the time with a group, but we never forget the individual talent of our members. So people should join so they can keep up to date to open mics happening around in the area. So if you love to sing, want to learn or just want to stop by and listen, we have meetings every Monday at 9:30 pm in Scott Hall, room 116.


Our Cultural Dance Troupe

RAPS Cultural Dance Troupe (RCDT) is a performing subcommittee of RAPS that uses dance as a medium to showcase Filipino pride. Being a member of RCDT means to explore and appreciate your heritage, to honor a rich history influenced by both Spanish colonization and native Filipino customs. RCDT holds meetings every Tuesday at 9-11PM at the Richardson Community Center and Thursday at 9:40-11:40PM at the Hill Center 166. They are always welcome to new members, so don't be afraid to join!


Athletic and Sports Teams

RAPS has always offered four main sports: Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, and Football. We dominate the ranks in Rutgers intramurals, and are the top tier teams for the annual basketball and volleyball tournaments, known as Sportsfest, which is held in Jersey City in the spring. We are a fun-loving group and encourage all members to join, regardless of skill level or experience. So if you are interested in the slightest bit, have played competitively before, or are just simply willing to learn, come join the Sports family!